The Bocas del Toro Archipelago, located in the Caribbean Sea of Panama, near the border with Costa Rica, consists of nine main islands and more than 200 cays, most of them formed by mangroves.
Bocas TownTouristic Focal Point
Capital city of the Province of the same name, in Isla Colón, where most tourism services are located.
Bastimentos TownTouristic Focal Point
Second town in importance of the Archipelago, typical Caribbean architecture, Afroantillean culture, footpath to the beaches.
CareneroTouristic Focal Point
Located just in front of Bocas Town, it is a village with diverse options of services and attractions, including beaches and trails.
San CristobalNgabe Indian Community
On Cristobal Island, at short distance from Bocas Town, it is the largest community of the Ngäbe indian group of the Archipelago.
Dolphins BayFauna Observation
Saltwater lagoon surrounded by mangroves where more than 50 bottlenose dolphins live. At both sides of the Bay we find the communities of Bocatorito and Buena Esperanza.
The Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park comprises part of the Bastimentos Island, the Zapatilla Keys and a large stretch of sea. Mangroves, forests, reefs and beaches are its main attractions.
Boca del DragoTourism Attraction
Located at the end of Isla Colon opposite to Bocas Town, it has several attractions. In addition to the beaches and reefs of Boca del Drago we find Starfish Beach and Brids Island.
Bastimentos IslandTourism Attraction
In addition to the town of the same name, here we find other tourist attractions such as the Red Frog complex, villas like Bahía Honda and Salt Creek, the Bats Cave and several trails.